Tim Occhipinti for resale?

Is Tim Occhipinti going on sale tonight?  The word is Occhipinti will be attending tonight’s 7th annual Bachelor/Bachelorette auction at Texas Arizona.

Occhipinti known for his density surely can’t be that dense to think he’s going on the auction block for anything approaching the $30,000 he got from Counte$$ right?

Maybe there is another older woman of means who would cough up the gelt to have Tim dressed up in stilettos and crawl around on all fours licking cat food off the floor.

More importantly has anyone told Councilwoman Beth Mason her boy toy may be looking to put himself on the market again for another woman to wheel loot for puppetry?

Barcode Tim Occhipinti attending Texas Arizona auction tonight?  On sale now?

Talking Ed Note:  At last night’s Hoboken Housing Authority meeting, Occhipinti showed up even as there was another meeting downtown on the Southwest, re: the 4th ward going on at the same time.  (No developer donations were being doled out there however.)  Occhipinti was said to have been most unhappy with a letter that appeared here on MSV and in the weekend paper penned by Jake Stuiver.

That’s too bad.

As noted in a tweet last night, MSV was in attendance and witnessed a historic moment with pay-to-play anti-wheeling legislation approved in the HHA!

More on that meeting and the landmark approval of pay-to-play legislation mirroring Hoboken’s municipal law passing to come.

Unrelated: Grafix Avenger has a fascinating analysis on the magical doubling of revenues in the Hoboken Construction Office since the departure of the foul mouthed Al Arezzo.

It’s absolutely must reading for people who wonder how such things are possible when the faucet is shut and the money can’t go out the back door.  MSV can’t confirm the findings but has to wonder if yet another Old Guard scam has been “cleared up.”

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