Tim Occhipinti – doofus move blowback going viral

Attack on NY Giants Quarterback Eli Manning going viral

It’s not over!  The national explosion on one Hoboken mayoral candidate underwritten by Frank “Pupie” Raia and the Mason family is seeing traction – but it’s not of the positive variety.

The Timmy Occhipinti campaign is watching its death knell as the blow back explodes in their face!

Timmy Occhipinti is in a national meltdown of his own doing.

The story has hit the UPI national wire, continues to explode on sports websites including the Bleacher Report and made the Washington Times via news writer Jessica Chasmar (who also happens to be a MSV twitter follower).

Here’s just one typical comment from a commenter at the CBS Sports article who also happens to be a Hoboken resident:

wow, Tim Occhipinti, you’re a dick. Politicians who really care (yes, that’s an oxymoron) stick to the issues, and don’t write letters to a sports figure’s older brother, and mock his unfortunate season because he endorsed the other candidate. If you thought you didn’t have his vote before, be assured you don’t now. And probably lost more votes than you gained with this BRILLIANT move. Your campaign manager must love your strategy. LOL

-A Hoboken Citizen NOT voting for your stupid ass.
MSV would like to congratulate Beth Mason (in advance) and the whole “benevolent humanitarians” responsible (FinBoy take a bow) for this epic fail.

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