Tiffanie Fisher details commitment to attend Zoning Board meeting on QLC selected forum date

Where I stand…
Dear neighbors:
On Wednesday, September 30th, there are three exciting events going on in Hoboken in which I wanted to participate – the Hoboken Reporter Candidate Forum at 11am (Wards 1, 2 & 3, taped for later public viewing), the QLC Candidate Forum at the Elks Lodge at 7 (Wards 2, 5 and 6; public and taped for later viewing), and a special meeting of the Zoning Board for the Steven’s Gateway project which also begins at 7.  I cannot attend all three so have decided to attend the HR Forum during the day and the ZBA meeting at night.  This allows me the opportunity to both participate in a to-be-publicized discussion with my fellow candidates on important issues as well as being able to honor my current position serving the public on the Zoning Board.
Although I will not be attending the QLC Forum, I wanted you to have in advance my position on issues that you have told me matter most to you:
   Congestion and traffic.  Making this top priority in all discussions regarding future development.  It is difficult to alleviate what exists, but less difficult to manage going forward.
   Aging infrastructure: Finishing what the current administration has started concerning repair and/or replacement and ending events like the recent 14thstreet water main break.
   Irresponsible development / Monarch.  Ensuring future development is done responsibly and that developers honor their promises.  The fight against Monarch started almost 20 years ago when Applied first proposed the Shipyard Development.  The proposed development was debated at dozens of public meetings which included many old timers and BNR’s from our own 2nd Ward and from broader Hoboken.  The promise made by Applied at those meetings was for open space, tennis courts and public parking.  Monarch is the broken promise.  
   Washington Street.  Making sure Washington Street gets paved within the next 12 months.  It has been far too long.
   Taxes and fiscal responsibility.  Advocating for our residents who feel they are taxed unfairly.  Demanding from our County representatives for reduced spending and increased services to Hoboken.  And bonding responsibly in investments for our future.
   Services for the more vulnerable.  Simple actions like free metered parking for the handicapped.  And more complex actions like centralizing management of, improving transparency of, and providing support for affordable housing solutions in Hoboken.
   Cleaning up our parks and sidewalks and keep them free from dog waste.  Elysian park needs to be returned to be the 2nd ward jewel that it used to be.
   Community pool.  Reigniting an age old discussion that is broadly supported by those who do not reside in buildings with a private pool.  We have a unique opportunity to consider a community pool in a place like the BASF site.  
The public should never be the underdog. Residents should have a strong voice in important issues. That is why I believe in actively engaging with, informing and advocating on behalf of the residents of Hoboken’s 2nd Ward on the issues that matter most.  
Tiffanie Fisher
Candidate, 2nd Ward City Council

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