Thuggery rears its head in the 4th ward special election

It’s election day in Hoboken and there’s more trouble out on the streets for some supporters but it’s only on one of the two active campaigns in town.  Two new incidents of concern have been confirmed, one just in the early hours of today’s fourth ward special election today.

Lynda Walker at the Lenz for Council kickoff

Early this morning, Lynda Walker a Hoboken resident who has served as a Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner discovered all the tires on her vehicle were slashed.  The incident occurred sometime in the early am.

Lynda Walker is a well known Mike Lenz supporter and attended the Lenz for Council kickoff.

Another Hoboken resident Joseph Branco discovered his 2005 Ram pickup was stolen in the area of 7th and Bloomfield.  After checking to see if there was an error in towing, he filed a police report.  The vehicle is tan with license plate SET93U and a Room 84 sticker on the back.

Joseph Branco is widely known in both campaigns as working on behalf of the Mike Lenz for council campaign.  His truck has been featured in recent elections by multiple candidates but he wonders why anyone would steal a 2005 Ram pickup.

Joseph Branco (r) speaking with 5th ward councilman
Peter Cunningham at West End Station last Thursday

Several weeks ago, Patricia Waiters saw her car vandalized on a Friday night while attending a Hoboken High School football game with her family.  The vandal(s) wrote on her vehicle, “Lenz sucks.”

Got voter intimidation?

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