Three slates and three blind mice

MSV is announcing there will be three full slates for the April BoE election.  Frank Raia recently out of the hospital is said ready to field another slate to avenge his loss last year and should be available to make a run himself. He suffered a gallbladder problem but it should not prevent him from taking another shot if he wishes.

Kids First is also coming to bat and they have a shocker on their ticket: there’s a member of Hoboken Revolt joining the slate.

Last a rumored “Maureen First” ticket of mostly first time BoE election participants will field a full slate of candidates as well.  Last month, Maureen Sullivan loudly proclaimed her “resignation” from Kids First calling her former colleagues “the machine” and citing spending disagreements.  No one has been able to interview Maureen Sullivan to answer questions on any of her complaints.  MSV tried for nine days to no avail with private emails and public invitations.

We’ll be back later to give the details on the slates and what this may mean for Hoboken.
The slates have an idea on who may be running where, but for the moment are blind.

Update:  There are three tickets and one independent running.  Note that one of the four seats is for one year and the other three are for full three year terms.

Kids First
Rose Marie Markle
Irene Korman Sobolov
Leon Gold
Jean Marie Mitchell – One Year

“Maureen First”*
Liz Markevitz
Kathleen Tucker
Perry Lin
John A Forsman – One Year

Team Raia
Frank Raia
Keila Colon
Patricia Waiters

John Madigan

Ken Howitt – One year

* Slate is not identified by an official name.  Nathan Brinkman, mayoral candidate last November filed these petitions.

Update: The new slate is officially called “Real Results.”
Update 11:05 – We’ve received two emails concerning “Team Raia” and they may not be an official team.  One poster states Ken Howitt is independent.  Okay fair enough, and Ken has been moved into the Independent column.

MSV would like to apologize to Ken Howitt for the error.

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