Special City Council Meeting @ 7:00

Three big items on the special meeting agenda tonight: the Western Edge redevelopment plan, a budget amendment and a special closed session on litigation.
The City of Hoboken recently left the uptown Willow Street location after negotiations on the space with Hoboken Unleashed failed.  Hoboken Unleashed called the city’s bluff on leaving and although they went to Superior Court in Jersey City to get off the property, now that the city has vacated before their 60 day lease’s expiration, Hoboken Unleashed has said it intends to continue litigation.  Expect to see this snuffed by the Superior Court judge.  (Hoboken Unleashed has begun zoning variance applications needed to move their business on to the property but it will take several months before approval can be obtained.  Now the landlord of the property loses the extra income from the city and Hoboken Unleashed is left thinking about an imaginary payday.)
With the City returning to the site of the Municipal Garage, the developer who claims it intended to deliver on the $25.5 million price is now posturing to get the $2.55 million deposit back with legal fees of a couple of hundred thousand.  The developer, S. Hekemian could have gotten close to this earlier.  But they didn’t want to hurt the ability to bid on other projects with a black mark on their record by defaulting outright.
As MSV said earlier, the fight would be over the deposit.  So tonight’s closed session may be regarding this matter.  If you see it on Hoboken411 tomorrow painted in some dire warning, then you can be sure it was fed to them by either Councilwoman Beth Mason or Councilman Mike Russo.  Their efforts at sabotaging the city at every turn have been consistent, as in consistently bad.

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