This Thursday in Sinatra Park

 With the St. Anne’s Church annual feast over, the entertainment moves by the river on Thursday night.  The BankRobber sent in a recommendation:

This Thursday, 7:00 pm @ Sinatra Park in Hoboken, guitarist Smokey Hormel will be appearing right here in our fair town.

Smokey’s guitar work has appeared for a diverse group of popular artists like Beck, the deceased legend Johnny Cash, Kid Rock, Neil Diamond, Norah Jones and The Dixie Chicks.

Outside of his studio prowess, Smokey Hormel likes to put on his 10 gallon cowboy hat, his boots, and round up his group of top notch New York side men to play some sizzling Western Swing.

He’ll be singing and swinging some classic old cowboy songs made famous by Gene Autry, Bob Wills and Spade Cooley.

This is clearly an innovative and highly respected talent.
Don’t miss it.

You can read more about Smokey including his complete discography here:

You gotta love this town.


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