The Third Rail

City Hall in an unusual step issued a statement Friday on Superior Court Judge Tolentino’s ruling on a rent control case at 206 Bloomfield Street.   Read both but it’s reasonable to conclude it is not as far reaching as suggested in a statement by the Mile Square Taxpayer’s Association.  

Hoboken Counsel Steve Kleinman views the case as applicable to a handful of cases where the proper paperwork was not executed per the judge’s ruling and the court did issue some tough words around the mismanagement and application to the plaintiff (owners) in this case.  At the same time, the court backed away and did not challenge the constitutional grounding of the Rent Control Ordinance in Hoboken law and cites several important cases where it’s upheld.  

The Mile Square Taxpayer’s Association is holding to its position.  It’s spokesman states on Hoboken Revolt, “once a judge finds that the ordinance was retroactively applied, that the administration was flawed, those same issues will be important in the next case.”  The statement also goes on to say the City recognizes the problem and understands it needs to fix the ordinance.

We find both of those conclusions dubious but anyone can see the City has not concluded it needs to fix the ordinance.  Especially in light of the clear statement out of City Hall yesterday indicating only additional review, “as to whether any further legal proceedings are necessary or warranted in this specific matter.”

Read Judge Tolentino’s ruling for yourself and the City’s statement and you can decide who is closer to a more accurate reading. It remains to be seen whether anyone will use this ruling to make a case as the Mile Square Taxpayers Association suggests. You can also follow the Hoboken Revolt thread for the ongoing discussion.

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