Things that make you go huh?

Patricia Waiters made an appearance at the BoE last Tuesday and started by saying she wasn’t a sore loser but then proceeded to do everything possible to convince the viewing audience otherwise.  She complained about broken machines (repaired but she claims it remained broke till the polls closed) and stated seniors were turned away.  Somehow she ignores provisional and emergency ballots although they were added to the tallies at the end of the election.  If she feels there’s some problems worth investigating she’ll need to follow up with the County.

Somehow though Patricia sees no issue with the hundreds of ballots she benefited from due to the Pupie Raia Absentee Ballot Express.  The saddest part is that media folks follow up with her as the Jersey Journal did and no one seems to ask her about these relevant questions or her lack of ELEC filings.  Apparently, since Patricia Waiters has been running for positions since 2006, she doesn’t file any.  Of more substance though is the support she received this time around.  To generate fully a third of your vote via absentee ballot is not only disproportionate, but a big red flag when you combine it with no ELEC filings.

As for the audience, she received some heckling and then continued on a full minute and a half past the normal five minute allotment.  MSV has seen the same thing happen in City Council but that was worse coming past midnight.

Okay, you remember Mel Gibson, but here’s Patricia Waiters in Conspiracy Theory 2:

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