The whining begins….

It had to start sometime, this after all being Hoboken the home of a host of whiners and losers who are not about to celebrate Beth Mason’s latest political operation being taken down for the count.

After Hobken411 self-destructed, (congratulations Lane), the Old Guard, faux journalists and plain old miserable hacks haven’t been the same since. They desperately need a “safe space” where they can ply their trade of misinformation and fabrications without ginning up too many members of the Hoboken public in response.

Here’s a sample of the newest rant about MSV and GA:

“They are genuinely bullies and that’s just from what I know on the surface.”

Hey, I’m sorry to step on your editorial turf pal but MSV didn’t become a success because the “Reporter” is “letting people know what really happens.”

Last I looked, the Hudson Reporter didn’t even try to let the Hoboken public know what was really happening about the SLAPP-suit, the origins of same or breathe a word of concern on the dozen or so victims of the Hoboken public before or since.

They know and everyone with an iota of knowledge on Hoboken politics knows. This ain’t rocket science.

So this HR “commenter” springs up in the safety of their comment section (and probably their office) to trot out some of the old rants by the the editorial people who hid under their desks when a little political operation coordinated in the offices at 14th and Washington with Beth Mason and FinBoy blew up in their face in 2012.

You still mad bro?

When the HR employee, I mean commenter finally does waddle into their self-created swamp with a specific claim, it’s so weak and tepid in its fabricating, it merits nothing in response.

MSV will note no “reports” ever appeared here about any screen names moving to Edgewater and if you can formulate any argument, even a bad one, the Hoboken Horse takes on all comers. Always has, always will. (You’ll need to show up if you can muster the semblance of one first.)

The long-winded ranter claims a “correction” is warranted when you call a political operative a political operative. That will be $2,000,000 please. (Put the party favors down over there at the Hudson Reporter office; it was only a joke.)

After three years of frivolous litigation against a dozen or so Hoboken residents, this HR employee/commenter wants you to know that ok, Lane and Kim in their service to Counte$$ may have been cold-cocked busted but we really, really hate bloggers eating our lunch.

You would think that trashing the First Amendment and seeing a dozen people dragged into court dealing with 68 motions in five states fighting more than half-a-dozen Bajardi lawyers (funded by who exactly) over three years might give some pause, but no.

It’s those horrible mean bloggers. (They really mean it. They keep saying so.)

You can’t imagine how far down the hypocrite rabbit hole that goes. The same spiel came straight out of Beth Mason’s mouth onto the pages of the Hudson Reporter in August 2012. (She got plenty of column inches then but has gone to ground since the court’s legal decision came out.) The Hudson Reporter offers no explanation as to why or if they even tried to reach their oft-quoted SLAPP-suit supporting “source.”

You would think there’s some sort of time machine snapping us back to that wonderful day when a massive SLAPP-suit was launched against Hoboken residents back in July 2012.

That’s a day that now dwells in New Jersey SLAPP-suit history. To this commenter, “JamesDoPine,” it’s the good old days gone by and now all that’s left is a rant of slander with nary a single shred of coherent evidence.

Some people are taking news of the truth finally exposed quite hard.

One long-winded commenter on/from the Hudson Reporter is whining a long slanderous rant about MSV and GA. Hope someone helps them get some ice on that. 
Here’s to a gentle landing in the ocean of reality. 

Talking Ed Note: Should anyone wish to comment at the HR website, be cognizant MSV can not guarantee your privacy or that your email/IP will not be shared with Mason political operatives who based on information and belief (opinion) have intimate business relations there.

Just a word of caution after the Bajardi v Pincus SLAPP-suit exposed Hoboken411 giving out people’s private information and how it led to people thrown into years of frivolous litigation.

None of this of course is of concern to the Hudson Reporter or when it comes to the whine of lies from “JamesDoPine.”

Time to take a peek into the tens of thousands of emails. Carry on foks and be careful.
MSV hears there’s some very, very angry SLAPP co-conspirators out there.

More to come…

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