The Russo Strike Back!

Based on the teletyped column to Sully over the weekend, the Russo Clan is none too pleased about the entry of opposition in the form of Frank “Pupie” Raia for the third ward council seat.

In an interview with Hudson County View, Third Ward Councilman Michael Russo decried what he alleged is a deal to have Raia run against him. Sully repeated the charge in what was headlined a “brilliant” move by Mayor Zimmer.

All this posturing is hoped for disaffection for the popular mayor among reform ranks. The mayor’s track record is not one of transactional politics, let alone historical logrolling with the mostly hostile council minority she’s faced since taking office as mayor in 2009.

That thud you hearing is a political operation launched falling flat. There’s nothing left but the sound of whining as there’ll be a third ward council race after all.

MSV did hear rustlings about Raia feeling antsy to make another council run. His at-large run in 2013 was overshadowed by a slate led by Councilman Tim Occhipinti running atop as the mayoral candidate. Pupie apparently didn’t want things to go out that way propelling him to another run.

Raia’s antsy thoughts about running were his own and he kept it close to the vest as one Old Guard politico said months ago to MSV, “Raia doesn’t know what Raia’s going to do before he does it.”

Michael Russo who will be facing opposition after all for Third Ward
City Council was displeased having to faceoff again against Frank “Pupie” Raia.
He’s alleged there must have been a deal between Raia and the mayor
but he’s offered no evidence other than a passing remark made before the filing date.

Melissa Blanco’s fifth ward candidacy ruled Friday as being deficient in registered voter petitions has time to make amends. The City Clerk’s office will need to accept supplemental petitions which could see her on the ballot for November in the fifth ward.

A comment by Mel B at Hudson County View which may be Blanco wrote in comments: Petitions were not rejected but flagged as defective and remedies are available and filed for. It is not the City Clerk but the County clerk that determines final ballot.”

Everyone hurry up and wait. This one’s not over yet and the City Clerk would have to evaluate any amended petitions submitted by Blanco before making a final determination.

No matter who said it in the comments, the conclusion is correct. Petitions may be amended and that includes supplements to satisfy any defect.

“Between the Lines” had another major gaffe describing opponents to the reinstated Councilwoman Beth Mason’s as seeking to have her tossed off the council for her unexcused absences going back to July 8th when Judge Patrick Arre issued his scathing order denouncing a frivious SLAPP-suit she publicly backed.

It was Councilwoman Beth Mason’s action automatically ejecting her from the seat under NJ law.
The City Council did nothing but throw her a lifeline and MSV spoke after Patricia Waiters saying if that’s their decision so be it.

The Hudson Reporter’s replacement of a former reporter was present last Wednesday in council chambers but oddly no story appeared about the City Council meeting itself in the weekend paper.

Any cursory review of the first few minutes of the meeting video would see Council President Ravi Bhalla working expediently to call a vote on a quickly created council resolution to help Beth Mason be voted back into her seat. The resolution was quickly approved by the council fixing the problem created by eight weeks of unexplained inactivity.

Welcome back to the post-summer Hoboken, Mile Square denizens. If anyone didn’t tell you, it’s election season.

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