The Raia-Mason ticket decides? ATTACK!!

Flyer indicts Ruben Ramos for “allegiance to the criminals of Hoboken past!”

We’re a week out from the election and who are Old Guard friends today are over the side tomorrow. So with that, here’s a flyer attacking Ruben Ramos for his Russo clan alliance. Someone got ahold of this recent photo and put it on a flyer.

It’s up on a Hudson Street pole barely a block away from Chez Mason Civic.  Beth Mason who has been a checkbook for the Russo’s going back to 2009 and every election since is most definitely a suspect.  Grafix Avenger has a story on the same flyer making an appearance.

Say it isn’t so Beth.  Say it isn’t so.

A flyer with a photo of Ruben Ramos and his council slate candidates Eduardo Gonzalez, Joe Mindak and felon ex-mayor
Anthony Russo appears on upper Hudson Street. The last line wasn’t proofed and should read “can’t.”

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