The passing of a Brother, Dean Kemph

It is with a heavy heart many of us learned today of the sudden passing of our friend Dean Kemph.

Dean Kemph

He was a friend and former resident of Hoboken, a passionate advocate for good governance who moved to Weehawken. He kept his ties to the Mile Square City and called many here friends.

On Facebook, Dean and a Horse would joust on issues far beyond the Mile Square. This Horse addressed him respectfully coining the term Brother Dean and we enjoyed some laughs and good conversation outside the online public square.

He was a warrior in the purest spirit of the Reform Movement in Hoboken when that battle appeared terminally cursed and was an occasional guest columnist on the Hoboken Journal, Grafix Avenger and MSV among other local venues.

I am blessed to have met him in the travails of this life. In this moment of grief, I can only express my heartfelt sympathy to his beautiful family.

May the Lord receive him and bless them all.

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