The PAC MAN cometh!

Did the PAC MAN cometh to Hoboken or rather did it come for Hoboken?

Whether tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of foreign monies invading the Mile Square City backed by outrageous hypocritical politicians or to stand with the Reform Resistance against a sea of PAC money, and thus by opposing, end them?

That is the question.

For those who lack the historical knowledge of what the true flavor of Reform stood, not the new and improved pay-to-play NJ Transit Cheatos variety mind you, read on.

There was one candidate in 2009 who did and voiced concern about the PAC monies being a true pay-to-play threat.

Her name? Dawn Zimmer.

From the August 19, 2009 story:
Unions and Hoboken developer behind political attack fliers

A local developer and statewide labor unions with ties to Peter Cammarano were exposed this week as financing anonymous political attack fliers during the Hoboken mayor’s race this past spring.
The attack fliers maligned Dawn Zimmer, campaigning in a close race against Cammarano and Beth Mason for Hoboken’s top spot. They were sent out by a pair of political action committees (PACs) — Citizens for the Future and the Building America Committee. IRS filings released late last month show that Hoboken developer Tarragon/URSA and New Jersey unions contributed nearly $175,000 to the two PACs.
In the Hoboken mayor’s race, Zimmer was widely considered to be more critical of redevelopment plans, while Cammarano was viewed more favorably by developers looking to cash in on Hoboken real estate. On July 23, Cammarano was arrested for allegedly taking cash bribes from a developer.

Talking Ed Note: What changed for Mayor Zimmer and Councilman Ravi Bhalla? Oh, now the establishment power is fine with using PACs of union underwriting from outside Hoboken to advance entrenched establishment power. Wasn’t it enough to betray and destroy Reform in one back room deal?

Why the cynical divisiveness torching the Big Tent of Reform? Ok, there’s a good excuse here. You whacked Reform in the head and put it in a coma. Some are going to try and rescue. #ReformResistance

Comment was asked from both Mayor Zimmer and Ravi Bhalla how this meets good governance standards in Hoboken. The Mile Square City is seeing some rather long distancing from its Reform heyday where this was construed by Mayor Dawn Zimmer in 2009 as pay-to-play.

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