The light is shining through the mire

A report of a Florida man infected by the Chinese Communist Party coronavirus with hours left to live received life-saving treatment after he was told nothing more could be done.

He elected for a last ditch effort taking a malaria drug touted optimistically by President Trump last week.

Although the lamestream media attempted to destroy the optimism before it could take hold, take hold it did, and the hydroxychloroquine treatment often combined with another widely common antibiotic is being used across the country, in France and reportedly now in Jordan with more than anecdotal but remarkable success.

Talking Ed Note: President Trump had touted the possible success saying at a briefing last week it could be a “game changer.”

The enemy of the people media sprang into action accusing President Trump of spreading false hope.

Here’s the actual headline from CNN, the Leader in Fake News:

Now with Governor Andrew Cuomo announcing intention to see trials begin Tuesday with the combination therapy provided by the federal government, the same media is applauding, no longer insisting to headline it negatively as holding “minimal evidence.”
See how that works?
Americans are having their eyes opened in the midst of a national emergency unlike anything comparable since FDR in World War II.
Democrats are blocking Senate Bill S.3548, The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or the CARES Act. 
Today, a coronavirus aid bill in the works by all sides for days was torched and is being blocked as unrelated items to the pandemic are being put forward by the Democrats. As a result, the markets are plummeting
One is a Democrat block on the bill to insert a change the voting system for a fraud inducing mail-in voting system. We have some experience with this in Hoboken. SMH.
The coronavirus aid bill is being held hostage for these top three demands: a) adding more bargaining power for unions, increasing fuel emission standards on airlines (carbon tax?) and expanding wind and solar tax credits.
If you’re wondering what any of that has to do with a wartime pandemic, well, you’re not alone.
A writer from Real Clear Investigations offered:

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