The Liebling Strikes Back! War of words revisited

MSV analysis on “The flip side of hating on the First Amendment.”

Yelling “fire” in the public square isn’t a Constitutional right but David Liebler is seeing some of his harshest comments in that Mile Square forum put up in lights.

It’s not a pretty sight.

Exhibit A – There was this unfortunate lashing out against an imagined foe when David Liebler got himself worked up into an online 2013 election lather:

Touch of defamation? Back in August 2013, Dave Liebler unloaded online to charge “two websites that you employ” while referring to the mayor’s husband as “blood diamond boy” 
Hey Dave, did you pay Lane the royalty fee for using that? 

That was in August 2013 before the public relations efforts for Mister Carmelo was all the rage and Carmelo Garcia then saw his contract terminated in the Hoboken Housing Authority. The heat of the Ruben Ramos mayoral campaign was picking up steam and the war against speech all the rage.

Enter the final solution: Liebler’s List as Grafix Avenger highlighted the blood thirst to put a pile driver or similar on the First Amendment rights of Hoboken commenters and intimidate them into silence.

With the years long SLAPP-suit full steam ahead, Liebler blustered on Hoboken Patch that he looked forward to obtaining information on the many anti-corruption anti-Old Guard commenters and spoke of Team Old Guard collecting a “complete list” to handle them.

One commenter back in May 2013 in particular drew his ire:

Sadly, for Liebler and cohorts Carmelo, FinBoy and Lane, the SLAPP-suit outed many people! Just not the people they intended as foul political operations with equally disgusting nefarious words and actions were unveiled to all of the Hoboken public. 

Grafix Avenger shows the lack of decorum and civility by one Liebling at the special meeting of the Hoboken Housing Authority back in 2013.

Talking Ed Note: Of course MSV was there for the grand finale in August 2013 and became a target for both violence and theft of property which led to a public safety spectacle requiring additional police resources to retain order and conduct a business meeting in City Hall.

If you proclaim you are against “disgusting” comments, maybe setting an example not lowering the bar is a good place to start.

That and not suing your neighbors? It’s all disappointing but Grafix Avenger airs more public meeting behavior of the Liebling striped variety. 

Perhaps an apology to all starting with HHA Chair Dana Wefer is in order? That would be a good place for David Liebler to begin his next public relations campaign in Hoboken.

Then continue right down the line until you kiss and make up with the First Amendment. Chop, chop, c’mon Dave, make it right!

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