The Hoboken People’s Republic plan to ban plastic bags?


That’s the word on the street as the Ravi-Russo alliance kicks into high gear.

Councilmembers Jim Doyle and Michael Russo are believed teaming up to introduce the previously failed order of the State to stop Hoboken businesses from using plastic bags.

The old virtue signaling standby failed in an attempt under former Mayor Dawn Zimmer but like clockwork, the City Council is assaulted by an army of kids annually where they mouth the words ordering all Hoboken resident adults: hear and obey.

Well, they also gift the council with a homemade fudge bag.

Did you know that plastic bags cause Pelican cancer? There’s no science to support the notion that we know of but think of how good we’ll feel about ourselves if we act on this nation-state status. Federal laws, well, all local elected officials take an oath to uphold the New Jersey and US Constitution but those laws are optional! But I digress.

Okay, get out your granola and chow down with this nanny-state classic.

Talking Ed Note: The above MSV video is its all-time most viewed with over 300,000 views. The comments alone on the YouTube page are hysterical. Based on a skit from the series Portlandia, MSV asked in its original post, “Is your mayor trying to turn your town into Portlandia?”

Well, the attempt was stifled by this odd thing called actual Hoboken people but like a vampire, its rising right out of the grave.

Be afraid Hoboken, be very afraid.

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