It’s a live federal government meeting. Or is it?

From this video, it’s visible there’s several recordings going on in the same location of media in the front of the room on the left. The meeting had disintegrated completely as the mob was allowed to hijack and take over the room.

A fracas breaks out on the left as a video being taken on a phone leads to a less than neighborly response. MSV captures the tail end as the crowd surges and becomes focused on that. Then Sigsby Cheatham decides it’s time to move on and target MSV. He’s the older man on the microphone urging further action be taken and it’s not of the legal, democratic variety.

Who died and made you Chief of Fascism Mr. Cheatham?

Later in the same video Carmelo Garcia will make a strategic attack from the rear as Nick Calicchio thinks better of an approach from the side with the camera rolling. What was the intent of their coordinated approach?

Mister Carmelo decides he’s now in charge of, well what he thinks he’s in charge of at City Hall is unclear. He’s trying to issue orders of which authority he holds not.

Later in the hallway, the former HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia would make another foray against MSV with multiple witnesses standing by. Chief Eddie Garcia himself would land up intervening as one Carmelo BFF with not a sane look in the eye was circling on the left looking to approach. You don’t want to do that Joe. Bad idea.

This video ends with one inspired Cheatham acolyte who decides he too will lay down the new rules and force an exit. Not happening asshole.

The Hudson County View captured more footage and has the best overall coverage from their angle:

Among the visible public officials in the video, do you see any of them, any at all urging people to calm down in any way? Why was the audience permitted to completely hijack the proceedings?

The repeated attempts to shut down the meeting was complicity among many. Why two non-Hoboken residents, both paid Assembly staffers of Garcia were repeatedly interrupting the meeting at the public microphone and allowed to do so is only one of several problematic questions.

The plan was clearly designed to see the meeting halted and victory declared. At the link above, Carmelo Garcia talks about “public safety,” but there was clearly a plan to create a public safety problem so the meeting would be halted.

The video evidence will demonstrate as much. More to come.

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