The ‘ethic cleanser’ returns: Carmelo Garcia civil suit back charging “patronage”


 Special Ethic Cleanser Feature

“Ethnic cleansing” disappears with amended charges against Mayor, husband and former HHA Chairman citing patronage
Mile Square View named in lawsuit, alleging it’s “employed” by Defendants

Attorney Louis Zayas and HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia hooked up again after their initial success garnering national attention and ridicule filing their “ethnic cleansing” lawsuit.

That civil suit was thrown out effective last Tuesday but is amended with a new slant in the same legal style as before.

Removing their ethnic cleansing claim, it’s rebranded charging the same defendants as last including Mayor Dawn Zimmer with “political patronage.”

Among the numerous legal charges Garcia again makes numerous allegations of victimization, adverse employment impact and unsubstantiated “patronage policies.”

Once again, Garcia claims to be a whistleblower but there’s no substantiation of any actionable claim to merit the status.

One example cites a lunch where Garcia claims he was told to “go after” an HHA resident and Councilwoman Beth Mason but there’s nothing specific or anyone named in the allegation.  (Was it about an inquiry about a certain early twenty something political operative illegally living in a HHA senior building?  Garcia cites no supporting fact as to who.)

Among the additional charges Garcia alleges a lunch with the mayor’s husband where his job was threatened unless he went along with her policies and offered political support.

The lunch however has been roundly reported as transcripts emerged of Garcia taping it but the details didn’t support his earlier contention of contract steering by anyone but him.

The story first appeared on Hudson County TV.

Here’s the allegation in the civil suit attacking MSV:

BOO HOO, someone criticized the ethic cleanser Carmelo Garcia.  According to an amended lawsuit by the attorney of “ethnic cleansing” fame Louie Zayas, defendants allegedly “employed” MSV to put out falsehood about his client, the ethically challenged Carmelo Garcia.  No MSV “falsehood” is mentioned paralleling the whole amended civil lawsuit’s “style” as the last thrown out in Superior Court last month.

Talking Ed Note: The Hudson County Superior Court judge will need to review but it seems farfetched the filing can meet the standards set forth in the original dismissal to the trash bin of civil suit history.

As for any public officials, elected or otherwise saying MSV “was employed” to “disseminate falsehood,” Da Horsey looks forward to hearing more about this allegation.

For the record, the only elected official to ever offer to employ MSV was… drum roll please….

Carmelo Garcia!

True story.
Thank you very much Mr. Carmelo!

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