The Department of Justice rings Grafix Avenger’s bell

Ding-dong, it ain’t Avon calling

As today, it was a sunny spring Thursday morning two years ago leading into the Memorial Day weekend when Hoboken City Hall received a visit from approximately a dozen FBI agents swooping down in SUVs carting away cardboard boxes and electronic data by the bucket load.

The action came weeks after the IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi’s office had been padlocked leading into a City Council meeting.  An unscheduled closed session of the council delayed the public from entering its usual starting time.  When the doors opened, Da Horsey entered to the vibe of a distinctly disturbed Old Guard council temporarily led by the inept chair Beth Mason.  The heavy air spoke that something serious had gone down and the Old Guard didn’t look too happy about it.

Da Horsey caught a whiff something was amiss during closed session and left a crowded City Hall to gallop up to the obscure third floor taking a photo of Patrick Ricciardi’s padlocked office and beaming it out over the internets as Councilwoman Terry Castellano would say.

A cold chill descended on Hoboken as word of FBI visits around town followed with Old Guard and Beth Mason political operatives falling completely silent online for the longest stretch in memory.  Other than a lunatic fringe rant on Hoboken411, the Old Guard had scurried into dark holes like rats hoping the nightmare would pass them by.  Two months later, the Michael Russo Civic Association sporting a big picture of Councilman Michael Russo would close. It hasn’t reopened since.

The second year anniversary of the FBI’s Hoboken visit looked quiet heading into the Memorial Day weekend but then Da Horsey spied this published yesterday on Grafix Avenger:

The US Department of Justice, the senior agency to all FBI investigations made an online courtesy call to Hoboken.

MSV knows of other more direct clandestine visits and people in Hoboken paid courtesy calls by the Feds.  Patrick Ricciardi who was known to provide information to Perry Klaussen at Hoboken411 hasn’t had much to say since the Mason sponsored website tried to point the finger at the mayor, deriding her administration saying it was responsible for calling the Feds into town.

Clandestine visits by Perry Klaussen to the third floor office of Patrick Ricciardi was reported here a year ago in a MSV exclusive and Grafix Avenger questioned the means how Beth Mason’s favorite “news site” would post  confidential information out of City Hall that was known to only a few.  After Ricciardi’s dismissal and arrest, Hoboken411 has had nothing to publicly say about the Hoboken investigation and his Mason worshiping ghostwriting minion immediately went to ground.

Last November, a random meeting at a Washington St. eatery led to an impromptu conversation with Perry Klaussen.  Upon seeing the FBI hat, he said they were after MSV.  But Perry Klaussen fell silent and made a hasty escape when the subject of an interview with the FBI was raised.  On his silent exit, Da Horsey yelled out wishing Klassuen good luck the interview went well with the proprietor chuckling at Klaussen’s hurried exit.

Here’s what Perry Klaussen’s Hoboken411 published two years ago:

the FBI couldn’t care less about who releases public documents to members of the credentialed media. The press has a legal right and responsibility to inform the public about the government’s operations. Anybody who says otherwise isn’t familiar with  The Pentagon Papers.

Patrick Ricciardi, host to Perry Klaussen in his City Hall office is facing up to five years for releasing “public documents.”  Did he release any to his friend at Hoboken411, where Perry Klaussen and his ghostwriting minion call themselves “the credentialed media?”

In another online visit at Grafix Avenger earlier this month by FBI criminal justice, Beth Mason was the person of interest.  Former Business Administrator Arch Liston blew the roof off the investigation when he testified last fall on an employee matter in Newark court showing it had been OPEN SEASON on obtaining confidential information out of the mayor’s office.  His testimony pointed to illicit information reaching senior levels of the Hoboken police and fire department.  (Patrick Ricciardi has worked for both.)

To date, Patrick Ricciardi is the only conspirator in the massive Data Theft Conspiracy Ring to be arrested.  He faces up to a five year sentence in federal prison this July. The judge noted his cooperation as a reason he would not be facing 15 years on the three counts he initially faced for his criminal actions.

Related: Former City IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi pleads guilty for looting and sharing electronic information in and out of the mayor’s office.

Related news: Jonathan Cummins a city aide who worked with Patrick Ricciardi saw an administrative judge rule he can get his job back.  Both BA Arch Liston and former Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin testified Cummins admitted to them he was involved in the DTR.  Cummins also attempted to protect Ricciardi by claiming to the FBI he was responsible before the truth of Ricciardi’s automated electronic looting became clear days later.

A Hoboken Patch story says the Civil Service Commission will examine the case and determine the outcome.  The judge said there wasn’t a “preponderance” of evidence linking Cummins to the DTR. The FBI says Cummins lied to the agency in their investigation, a criminal matter in and of itself in its complaint saying:

“Cummins had falsely confessed because of the friendship shared
between Cummins and defendant RICCIARDI. Upon further questioning, Cummins confirmed
that he had confessed falsely.” 
Talking Ed Note: It ain’t a conspiracy until more than one conspirator is arrested.  It appears Hoboken’s Grafix Avenger just got a timely visit but it isn’t her bell the Department of Justice is ringing.

The Boys of Summer arrive just in time… for summer?  Thank you very much Grafix Avenger!

Happy nightmares minions.

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