THE BRAWL – war on suing the people of Hoboken breaks out

After Hoboken resident Phil Cohen spoke the fuse was lit and the bomb of the ugly litigation against the people of Hoboken courtesy of MORTe came out in a full eleven minute battle.

Here is the round by round.  In blue are the reform members and in red MORTe (the red ink to the City).

Michael Russo took off his coat waiting for public portion to end after Cohen spoke.  He felt the sting and shots delivered masterfully by the consistent and mesmerizing blows.  He took the punches and groggily tried to return fire.  Russo could only muster a non-sequitir personal attack.  Can’t recall Russo ever being so weak, even his usual grandstanding would have been better.

Ravi Bhalla in maybe his finest moment performed a magnificent dressing down of Russo for his personal attacks on Mr. Cohen.  Terry Castellano would chime in with her usual sniping but this time it was hollow.  Bhalla defended the right of a member of the public to express an opinion and in this case on behalf of the public’s outrage for the needless staged litigation by MORTe sucking the precious resources from the City in a frivolous lawsuit in an attempted power grab.

Tim Occhipinti – not much to say here. Rambling mutterings of the village idiot.  Said MORTe “had nothing to do with the lawsuit” siphoning off taxpayer’s funds to keep the legal appointment of Jim Doyle on standby.  Is he a complete moron or does he think the taxpayers are?  The arrogance and petulance was on full display from the wannabe puppet mayor here and pathetically, all night.

Terry Castellano in one of her absolute worst moments could no longer withhold the most ugliest attack yet on former Councilwoman Carol Marsh.  She took rumor and elevated it to fact claiming Marsh had stayed on to avoid a special election.  Whereas before she feigned being misunderstood or misquoted, this time she unloaded from the gutter.

Dave Mello directed questions to Castellano as to her evidence for her gutter attacks.  Not the best idea considering it only generated more gutter attacks with nothing more than hearsay. However, in doing so Mello held Castellano accountable for her savage denigration of Marsh’s service and her unfortunate departure due to family tragedy.  Why didn’t Castellano say it to Marsh when she resigned?  That night she urged her to “take your time” as the councilwoman was in tears.  Beyond shameful.

Jen Giattino expressed her strongest voicing ever – sheer and utter disgust – directed at the gutter attacks by Terry Castellano.  She noted she was close to Carol Marsh and would know the truth to the unsubstantiated charges.

Peter Cunningham refused to allow Beth Mason to escape her orchestrated lawsuit without accounting where she was at the early October meeting.  He put her on the spot and refused to let her deflect.  A gift to the City revealing Beth Mason for what she fully is.

Beth Mason – her lies were finally completely uncorked for all to see.  After months of hiding from answering to the truth on her whereabouts in the October meeting where she failed to show up or call in, she claimed to be on “business.”  Castellano at a previous meeting said she was in Italy.  Da Horsey challenged that at the dais noting a witness saw Mason just hours before the meeting.

At the end of December, Mason kept her mouth shut letting Castellano’s fabrication twist her in the wind. Mason becomes hysterical lying about a special election as an option, where NJ law clearly states it’s not.

And now here is MORTe justifying suing the people of Hoboken in a manufactured power grab with their planned lawsuit Judge Bariso derided as “gamesmanship.”  The Old Guard council members didn’t get the message.  They are appealing his decision.  Again.

Hat tip: Phil Cohen.

Is there any doubt now the contempt MORTe hold the people of Hoboken?
This is an absolute must see video.

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