The Beth Mason cabal: threats of violence and pathological lying

Violence real and threatened and the numerous fabrications of Councilwoman Beth Mason’s political cabal

In yesterday’s episode of the Bench Slapped series, active censorship was revealed in emails directed as part of a political operation on Hoboken Patch with imaginary threats to children.
Lane Bajardi wrote in a March 2012 email to Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, “They are threatening to send their kids in to assault mine. This cannot stand.”  
Bajardi made the allegations against Tony Soares, Nancy Pincus, Michael Lenz and this editor. Soares and MSV don’t have children and Pincus and Lenz have kids in the public schools nowhere near kindergarten age, as they are far older.
The Bajardis had sent their kindergarten aged son to Stevens Cooperative, a private school in Hoboken. They were later told they would have to find another education venue and attempted to blame two defendants in the litigation but like their case at trial, they never produced any evidence in support of the allegation.
Lane Bajardi’s allegation as many by both him and his wife is sheer fabrication. 
In an email from Beth Mason’s “business partner” to Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi, Mason’s years long Weehawken based political operative James “FinBoy” Barracato voices his desire to exact violence. There is no response decrying the intent of the email. (The defense however did not receive all the court ordered discovery and recognizes it wasn’t forthcoming.)

MSV encountered the Mason cabal violence and reported same during the Hurricane Sandy emergency right on Washington Street near the Mason Civic League location which doubled as the headquarters of the controversial Move Forward Nazi Truck BoE campaign.

In multiple certified documents to Hudson Superior Court, the Bajardis claimed they left “civic” activity “by 2011” and were no longer involved. Numerous emails produced from plaintiffs prove otherwise.
In the complete and original email below, Beth Mason’s political operative states plans for the 2013 Hoboken municipal election saying “we” $%^# “them” in reference to the upcoming 2013 campaign, more than a year away.

James Barracato doesn’t say I, he says “we.”

From: James Barracato <> 
Sent: Friday, February 3, 2012 3:51 AM

Subject: Worth noting

It is worth noting that as the scholar and gentleman my Teamster father raised me to be it is taking all I have not to beat the fucking shit out of one of these people for attacking you and your son online. Fucking losers. Now we fuck them in 2013 and feel good about it.

James Barracato (201)-920-2124 

Talking Ed Note: One of many plaintiffs’ certified fabrications to Hudson Superior Court involved the April 2010 BoE forum incident where Lane Bajardi mere minutes before the cameras began rolling attacked and robbed a camera off my person in front of numerous witnesses in the audience.

Additional emails show Lane Bajardi fabricated not only to the court but in emails to Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen and even his own lawyer, an associate of the firm of Elise DiNardo.

Bajardi in a sworn deposition claimed the BoE forum robbery never took place although a Hudson Reporter story backed up MSV’s claim and six witnesses were produced to the court.

Lane Bajardi never produced a single witness to the court and claimed there had been no opportunity to do so in his sworn July 2014 deposition.

Update: At his July 2014 sworn deposition, Lane Bajardi is questioned to offer evidence of his so-called claimed threats by four Hoboken residents. The questions are posed by Nancy Pincus who made several attempts to see Bajardi offer a relevant answer to the question she in any way threatened his kid.

Lane Bajardi offers more non-answers and fails to show any evidence to support his allegation.

Original graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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