The Bard of Hoboken on Nurse Ratchett, Gumby and a psychotic break

Remember when Matt dressed as Gumby for Halloween? 
Followed by Beth as nurse Ratchett the hospital killing queen, 
Next thing you know Matt has all this traveling green, 
and purportedly made sexual advances on a girl just 14. 

Now we all know Matt is totally obsessed with the WWE, 

and if he thinks its real it is not a crime as far as I can see, 

But the stories of his multiple harassments bring his victims no glee, 

Whats next- will he offer to pay a chick $100 to watch him pee? 

Paterno is to Sundusky, 

as Mason is to Matt, 

and one victim CM Punk, 

had enough of all of that. 

With the Masons as his enablers, 

they are now hiding out, 

Instead they attack Ravi, 

but they no longer have clout. 

Buying out the Hudson Distorter, 

Beth Mason tries to control the media, 

but the only publicity she deserves, 

is to be listed on Dickipedia.

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