Thanksgiving Grist Special: Ravi Bhalla backs Michael Russo for Council President!


MSV fired up the barbie one last time before the Thanksgiving feast to share this gristy chewable to mix with your cranberry sauce. You’ll need something to wash this one down as it confirms what you’ve been told consistently through the election.

A source says Ravi Bhalla, the Hoboken mayoral-elect is pushing Councilman Michael Russo to succeed the highly respected Jen Giattino as Hoboken City Council President come January.

Rumors at the last council meeting of a deal between Russo and Ravi Bhalla began circulating almost immediately before the meeting had even finished.

Ravi Bhalla’s choice for Hoboken City Council President: Michael Russo.

If the votes for such a move become available, it’ll be reconfirmation on what MSV has stated, the Hoboken Reform Movement is kaput. Five of nine council member votes are required to approve the next chair.

There’s no single member on the City Council who more represents the Old Guard and is antithetical to the Reform Movement than Michael Russo. He was the de facto leader of the Old Guard for years and gave the most agita to Mayor Zimmer in her two terms as mayor.

Of course Russo is infamous for appearing on FBI surveillance tape in 2009. The video became available after a series of reports exclusively appearing on MSV leading to their release.

In addition, John Allen is officially named by Mayor Zimmer as Chief of Staff who will remain on with the Bhalla administration. He was picked out of nowhere with no experience on any issue in Hoboken Reform to replace Councilman Dave Mello last summer. He however failed to win a council at-large seat and came like Bhalla from a politically connected law firm which rakes in millions in NJ government contracts.

You were all warned. Now prepare the roadway for the cranes to come in on behalf of NJ Transit!

Talking Ed Note: MSV believes the best choice who may see support from a council majority to become city council president is Ruben Ramos. Since his return to the council, Ramos has demonstrated a remarkable professionalism and maturity. It’s not likely to have gone unnoticed by his colleagues.

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