Team Giattino: Nothing but net

Yesterday’s MSV Monday scorcher on the recent poll confirming the Jen Giattino surge created an earthquake here and across the Mile Square City.

With the hotly contested Hoboken election entering the backstretch, all the Bhalla campaign narratives about Jen Giattino’s  insurgent grass roots campaign have come to a screeching halt. It’s sent the cave dwellers into much gnashing of teeth as they realize all the effort over months to squash the Reform Resistance has failed.

Execution is the name of the game here on out for all four of the major mayoral campaigns. With less than a month to go and all four mayoral candidates within range, the flurry to the finish promises to be like no living Hobokenite has witnessed here in a mayoral race.

With the high stakes in play, it pays to keep a calm head and an eye on the target. Unfortunately for some, that’s anything but the issues that matter to voters heading to the polls next month.

When the game winds down, you want to make sure the ball is in the right hands seeing nothing but net.

Traffic continues to increase as the Hoboken public becomes more engaged. It may double before Election Day arrives. Start the countdown.

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