A tale of two cities

Last night a lottery was held for the new HoLa charter school program kicking off in September.  Claire Moses is out of the gate in a full out sprint and covered the story for the newest full time website in Hoboken: –

The new story, “Some disappointed, Some Happy As New Hoboken Charter School Fill Its Spots,” details the reaction of parents who participated in the lottery.  MSV can’t help but wonder how far off the trail bilingual education concept has come.  Back in our NYC days, high schools applied the idea extensively.  It failed to integrate Spanish speaking only immigrants into society, instead isolating them further: not only from the rest of the school population but American life as well.

We’d note from this limited vantage point of parents in the photo, that’s not going to be the case.  A tale of two cities is however clearly the visible trend in Hoboken education.

Photo courtesy Claire Moses /

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