Taking on the monied interests stirring up pupie

Long time Reformer Kurt Gardiner takes on Frank “Pupie” Raia in bid to overturn “lifetime” North Hudson Sewerage seat occupant

Hoboken still needs a giant Hudson County tax cut and a good government update to a decades long occupied sewerage seat. Next week the City Council gets to make a choice.

Yesterday, Grafix Avenger gifted Hoboken with one of her satrirical gems seen above.

Gifting is a popular theme in Hoboken.

Some people gift the Hoboken Housing Authority with approximately $40 a vote at election time with the self-serving argument ‘people have a right to work.’

Others fight for a decade to elevate a movement (and others) to deliver Hoboken out of a pit of corruption.

Some people use the school board as a jobs bank for friends and family.
Others fight for school reform and putting the money into the classroom.

Some people use politics wherever possible to advance their development interests.
Others invest their equity in a Reform movement to solely benefit their city.

Some use City Hall back door deals keeping the taxapyers on the hook for health insurance bennies.
Others offer to sacrifice more time and energy to serve the people costing the taxpayers no frills whatsoever.

Next Wednesday, the Hoboken City Council may vote on a resolution to appoint a five year term for a representative on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority.

Who do you think City Hall should appoint? There is a choice and it’s between two people: Frank “Pupie” Raia and Kurt Gardiner.

Talking Ed Note: Last count, there’s over 52,000 residents living in Hoboken. The town has grown significantly turning the corner on substantial problems as others arise and require tough decisions. It’s part of the complex push pull of the Mile Square City.

But how many among those 52,000 residents has a birthday party every year shutting down a major artery of transportation on Sinatra Drive as a paean to themselves?



Shouldn’t that be enough?

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