Superintendent Toback’s Paula Ohaus report unplugged

One of the most unfortunate aspects of Hoboken politics is the uncanny lack of factual information in political disputes.  As far as this political dispute, the use of children for political purposes is unseemly and based on the professional report the new Superintendent Mark Toback provides, he was presented with a situation there was nothing he could do but address it in the best way possible.

After you read the report, you’ll find it difficult to look at the situation here as it was reported or rather politically exploited.  The violations here with exposure to the Hoboken school district is so long, a lawyer could retire on the feast if he sat down to dine at the table that is the Hoboken school district.

Although MSV has spoken to sources who attended the meeting first hand, some people who turned this into a circus with children being props in a bad play, having not only egg on their face, they have some explaining to do.

The behavior of adults including elected officials in support of trampling existing State law should not be acceptable.  Superintendent Toback has seven pages of facts and clearly tried to address the numerous problems correctly.

A number of media sources have been provided the report.  MSV is pleased to present it in full and not see it buried.  For Hoboken parents, it’s required reading.  For Hoboken residents, it’s an insight to how things have been done without application of law being a worthy consideration.  In that regard, it’s very enlightening.

Read it for yourself.  The document can be downloaded and shared as wished:
Superintendent Report April 12 2011-1

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