Superintendent to teachers, administrators – You’re Fired!

Okay, it didn’t happen here in Hoboken or even in New Jersey but the parallels the state faces are very similar to Rhode Island overall.  Now this superintendent who fired every teacher and administrator, one has to wonder do you think among all the great references over his career, a few from this local Machine would kick back a red flag?  Maybe we should keep this guy on the back burner in Hoboken.  You know like in case Mr. Romano decides he’s had enough of being sniped at online and decides to walk after some legal action.  That’s just what Hoboken doesn’t need.  What about a 7-2 vote don’t some understand.  Let’s move on.

Update: This parallel story to the ills New Jersey faces in education and beyond has generated some debate of late.  It’s even generated heat pointed at Da Horsey over one member on the board named in a recent Hudson Reporter story as seeking to reopen the process for a candidate they favored close to Corey Booker.  For the record, MSV is not the source of that story.

And on that note, let the debate continue.

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