Superbowl: battle of the G-Men today and beyond

On this side: pro G-Men

Tonight is the big dance between the NY Giants and the New England Patriots. Da Horsey will be taking in the event with an invite at the Tilted Kilt and rooting on the G-Men even though we typically run like a Jet.

If you have to root for a team that isn’t your own, it’s hard not to support our neighbor Eli Manning who lives with his wife in Hoboken.

Councilwoman Beth Mason has a big ad in this weekend’s paper politicizing the Super Bowl, (infringing on NFL copyrights) and unofficially kicking off her ceaseless campaign to obtain Mayor Zimmer’s chair.  She’s claiming the mayor is against the G-men. Wheely? The mayor is cooperating with the G-men MSV loves most and it was Beth Mason and MORTe that tried to sabotage their investigation rendering thousands of emails useless in the FBI investigation.   Her repeated attempts are captured in the video here.

Wonder who will come up on top in that other G-men matchup?

On the other side, anti G-Men

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