Summer subpoena raises eyebrows on Lt. Gov. Guadagno and Hoboken

Murky word about an unexplained subpoena emerged pointing to the NJ Department of State, re: the office led by Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno came to light late last week and the Mile Square City is the point of interest confirmed by the Attorney General’s Office.

A report by the Record brought to light the subpoena concerning “Hoboken issues,” confirmed in billing by law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher last July. Details of the questions are unknown and the Lt. Governor isn’t talking.
As the sleepy summer is past, the news of the subpoena is sure to take on another life highlighting the differences between Gov. Christie’s subordinates and Mayor Dawn Zimmer who went public early this year alleging Hurricane Sandy aid approved by the State was being leveraged for her support toward a billion dollar development project in the Northwest for the Rockefeller Group.
The revelations along with the controversial closure of the George Washington Bridge all but derailed the presidential aspirations of Gov. Chris Christie. He’s been trying to rebuild mythical front runner status in the Republican Party and recently took a high profile trip to Mexico.
Gudagno when confronted about the “Hoboken issues,” gave a Beth Mason type response which will not bury the questions swirling around the subpoena reportedly saying, “I don’t have any idea what you are talking about. I have no idea what you are talking about.”
Back in May 2013, the Lt. Governor came to Hoboken to celebrate the reopening of the local Shop Rite supermarket. Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer alleged the exchange of an attempted quid pro quo occurred in the parking lot.
The subpoena did not come from the legislative NJ body reviewing the controversy but the state’s Attorney General’s Office raising more eyebrows.
The last time Hoboken was mentioned in connection to the highest law enforcement office in the State was when signed affidavits of vote buying connected to the Timmy Occhipinti 2010 fourth ward council campaign were kicked up from the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office. 
500 suspect Vote by Mail votes submitted by the Occhipinti for Council campaign, mostly out the Hoboken Housing Authority were central in the investigation. No arrests were made and no report issued by the AG’s office clearing the Occhipinti campaign of the vote buying allegations.
Earlier this year, a civil trial contesting ballot one on rent control saw more controversy on the voting practices in the Hoboken Housing Authority when approximately 300 votes were nullified by the Hudson County Board of Elections. 
The challenged ballots nullified a possible overturning of Hoboken’s existing rent control law and were closely connected to the underwriters of the the 2013 Timmy Occhipinti for Mayor campaign.
Mayor Dawn Zimmer at Hoboken High School coordinating emergency supplies during the Hurricane Sandy emergency.
A July subpoena out of the NJ State Attorney General’s office is raising more eyebrows as questions are swirling around
the NJ Department of State headed by Lt. Governor Guadagno where “Hoboken issues” are stated as the focus.
Related: The last time subpoenas in Hoboken were in the news was on the smoke circling a Beth Mason connected political firm and the November 2013 local election. issued a poll asking readers who they believed in the SandyGate controversy, the Lt. Governor or Hoboken mayor:

Correction: It’s unclear who issued the subpoena as both the NJ Attorney General’s Office and the US Attorney’s Office are not commenting. The conclusion the subpoena is from the NJ AG is perhaps farfetched. The NJ AG is an appointee of the NJ Governor.

Da Horsey apologizes for any confusion.

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