Suicide Mission!

Councilwoman Terry Castellano began speaking after a very long pause for someone to ask to take the floor, unusual by this Council’s standards. Castellano complained this bond ordinance was not worthy of consideration pointing to incomplete issues with the creditors and the unions. She made it clear reading from prepared typed notes there will be no support for the bond ordinance to keep the deal alive until tomorrow.

She ended by blaming the mayor but not before claiming there are “other bidders.” Councilwoman Castellano also stated there were “ongoing investigations.”

In truth there are none, just allegations.

The Old Guard and several hospital employees applauded this.

We are looking at a suicide mission to kill the hospital!

Unless Councilman Michael Russo votes to approve the bond ordinance,the hospital’s life looks dead.


The Council of No gleefully closed the lifeline for the hospital to stay open.  In public portion, a member of the public rose here and got their attention stating his shock the “hospital was a partisan issue.”  MSV later spoke and agreed with that sentiment.

Councilwoman Beth Mason said this bond ordinance was “throwing money away.”  She said her demands also had not been met. (State regulations governs two of them and she conveniently overlooks it.) Additionally, she complains about the nurse’s union who took a pay cut. She actually disparages the bondholders, re: the Hoboken taxpayers who will be made whole.

Councilman Mike Russo is attempting to point at “investigations” and there is no guarantee the creditors and unions will accept a deal tomorrow. (Better to kill it tonight one can only conclude.)

Russo in full politrickin mode is claiming to be speaking for the taxpayers. And he’s being applauded by a group of Old Guard people who don’t pay taxes. You can’t even put a price to this level of cynicism. He calls the mayor “a grifter” and is applauded by the Old Guard rabble who are cutting their own throats.

The fix is in!

BA Arch Liston corrects the record to the assertion by Councilman Russo that the City has a $5 million surplus to utilize. Russo then goes out out of control and refuses to allow others to speak.

The arguments by the Old Guard are circular. They don’t make any sense and this has been decided with prepared statements before the meeting.

Councilwoman Carol Marsh notes the judge will not look kindly on the City “not stepping up to the plate.”

Councilman Dave Mello spoke about his support for the hospital even with the risks incurred earlier as it “was kept open,” but the taxpayers are now being put into a losing situation with a $52 million bond. The taxpayers are being hammered here and yet the irony they are being told a possible bond not approved and uncertain is saving them money.

Now it’s Tim Occhipinti’s turn to complain about a “lack of guarantees” and “a lack of transparency.” Now he’s reading prepared comments with the Beth Mason talking points.

They are killing the hospital right before our eyes.

Councilwoman Jen Giattino asked “how can you not vote for the bond” considering the $52 million bond and other related costs to “closing the hospital.”

But what we have here is the worst politics at hand.

HMHA head Toni Tomarazzo challenges the idea P3 is a viable bidder.  She notes they are not. She implores the Council “to pass this bond ordinance.” She says Holdco is and has been the only viable bidder, adding “they made a managed care agreement with Blue Cross Blue Shield.”

She notes the hospital will run out of money the first week of October.

Council President Ravi Bhalla also gives the mayor time before the vote. To this, Councilwoman Mason rolls her eyes and looks to Russo unhappily. They want to drive the stake and kill the hospital now.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano actually looked down with a smile with the mayor’s plea saying the hospital will close. MSV sitting across from her whispered “You think that’s funny?” She stopped smiling.

At the vote on Resolution A failed to obtain six required votes for the $5.5 million bond ordinance, the issue is dead.  Toni Tomarazzo on the conclusion of the vote got up from the second row and said, “You just killed the hospital.”

When MSV commented among a brouhaha adding “congratulations for closing the hospital” Councilman Russo started calling out for an officer repeatedly to come and get Da Horsey.  Meanwhile people are calling out all over the room.

Officer Miller then came and tried to have me removed but I declined saying, “Russo is not running the meeting.”  Council President Bhalla added he was and made an advanced warning to all of us, Calicchio and others to remain in order.  They have been sporadically heckling from the rear, the Church Towers Michele Russo brigade along with other Old Guard operatives all night.

MSV thanked Officer Miller and he stood to the side of the meeting as instructed by Council President Bhalla. The whole room has emptied with only five members of the public left after the vote.

At the end, Frank Raia stood along the wall applauding the action to kill the hospital along with a group of Old Guard political operatives and some hospital employees who will discover they will be out of work in short order.

For them this was all about their ego and power.  That the hospital could be closed after so many hard efforts by so many including employes themselves who took wage deductions matters for nothing.  They had a chance to kill the hospital and they’ve jumped at the opportunity with gusto.

Talking Ed Note:  The saddest part of this is seeing hospital employees told before the meeting the money will not be given to the City to save the hospital.  The lie being fed by Michele Russo herself is “Why, they will just close the hospital (later) anyway.”

The poor employees look scared to death and didn’t dare utter a word of disagreement. 

– Posted at full gallop

Councilman Mike Russo called MSV’s statement he claimed the Hospital Authority could not sell the hospital at a January meeting a lie.  The tape of his complete remarks will be shown proving exactly that.  MSV is more surprised no one reported on his comments then.

Talking Ed Note: 9-22   It’s hardly believable even with the sabotage plotted out over months escalating into the meeting.  MSV is chagrined to have seen it so clearly in such minute detail as laid out prior, but there it is.

MSV spoke in public portion.  A few words of truth from among many time did not permit.  Councilman Mike Russo claimed we lied.  The last time he flung that accusation was when the Pulitzer Prize winners of “The Jersey Sting,” stood by their story he had agreed to accept bribes.

They proved it with a tape.

Russo demanded to reply and did after MSV.  He claimed his remarks cited at a January meeting this year were incomplete.  As we exited, we stopped at the microphone and noted quickly, “I have it on tape.”  Russo’s remarks abruptly ended upon hearing that.  We do.

MSV will be showing the complete video of those remarks by Mike Russo at the public hospital authority meeting in January where he said they did not have the ability to sell the hospital.

I’m the Pope of Hoboken cuz I got a tape.  It’s only one small matter in comparison to the ego driven action to kill Hoboken’s hospital.

Even a grifter from a family of grifters can watch a tape.

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