Sue Pregibon: Come meet our next mayor tonite: Jen Giattino

The following guest of the stable comes courtesy of Hoboken resident Sue Pregibon, who was on the steering committee of Hoboken Revolt, a grassroots tax reform organization instrumental in seeing Dawn Zimmer elected mayor in 2009.

Dear Friends, 

I would like to invite all of you to a Meet and Greet tonight with our 6th Ward Councilwoman, Jen Giattino. 
As you are all aware, Mayor Zimmer has decided, in a most untimely fashion, not to run for a third term.  She has been an excellent Mayor and has, with the help of many others, transformed Hoboken into a World Class City.  However, by deciding not to run, it is not her prerogative to dictate, behind closed doors, who will do best at protecting her legacy.  
Jen Giattino has been our 6th Ward Council member since 2011 for two terms and is the current and three time City Council President.  She won both elections by a respectable margin, on her own against two long time politicians.  She is highly respected by her peers on the City Council and has been re-elected by them three times to serve as City Council President.  She is experienced, level headed and has brought cohesion to a group that doesn’t usually see eye to eye. 
In the neighborhood she is always ready to help.  The answer is not “I’ll get back to you” – it’s “I’ll start working on it.”  When our Freeholder was unable to do anything about the traffic on Hudson Street – a county road, it was Jen who worked with the County to get a traffic study done and a much needed four way stop at Eighth Street erected.  When in 2012 Stevens bought the Ravenswood townhouses and evicted those that had lived there for decades, it was Jen who made sure everyone was relocated into a new place to live.  
Jen represents the entire community and puts our local issues first.  That is why Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher and Councilman Peter Cunningham are supporting Jen for Mayor.  She also has the backing of several past and present members of the Kids First Board of Education slate.  Many founders and key officials of our civic coalitions and foundations are standing up for Jen.  
Jen has been part of building our great city but she also recognizes that we can do a lot better in areas and that we have strayed too far in other areas.  Mayor Zimmer has tried to pass the baton to the status quo so that all things good or bad, will remain the same.  But out of change comes the opportunity to see things differently, to keep the ideas that work and replace those that don’t.  
This is why I believe Jen Giattino is truly the best candidate to lead us forward.  Please join me at Moran’s (Garden and 5th) tonight, Monday July 17th at 6:30 P.M. to show your support for our next Mayor – Jen Giattino. 
Thank you! 
Sue Pregibon

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