Stronger Foundations PAC goes to the mattresses for Ravi Bhalla’s council slate


They’re back!
Stronger Foundations, the powerful statewide construction PAC is back in Hoboken. 
The influential political player that got behind Ravi Bhalla’s candidacy for mayor in 2017 running tens of thousands of dollars in TV ads on cable has started a Facebook ad campaign for a slew of candidates it endorsed late last month.
Featured in its official Facebook ad campaign is almost the entirety of the Ravi Bhalla council slate plus Councilman Michael Russo of the Ravi-Russo Alliance.
The ad campaign on Facebook began for each on October 29th and is likely to continue into the Hoboken council elections on Tuesday:
Each of the ads is similar in its scope and promotion, often using the exact language as on the candidate’s campaign mailers through Ravi Bhalla’s political consultant and spokesman. 
Nora DeBenedetto, the Ravi Bhalla – Stronger Foundations PAC endorsed 2nd ward candidate
Cristin Cricco-Powell, the Ravi Bhalla – Stronger Foundations PAC endorsed 6th ward candidate 
Michael Russo, the Ravi Bhalla Russo Alliance – Stronger Foundations PAC endorsed 3rd ward candidate

Phil Cohen, the Ravi Bhalla – Stronger Foundations PAC endorsed 5th ward candidate

Migdalia Pagan Milano, the Ravi Bhalla – Stronger Foundations PAC endorsed 1st ward candidate

In response, at least one candidate is responding with a Facebook ad countering with a fact-based representation. City Council President Jen Giattino began running the following ad over an the Cristin Cricco-Powell stating in red letters: “Paid for by big development Super PAC Money.”

The counter by the Vote Jen Again campaign is sure to highlight the scuttlebutt about big special interests impacting the upcoming Hoboken elections. 
Michael Makarski, the former spokesman for Stronger Foundations now in an internal role said, “We don’t typically comment on what the soft side of the organization does.” He suggested reaching out to the current folks acting in that capacity.
An email for comment to Rob Horowitz, the Ravi Bhalla council slate spokesman was sent earlier this am.

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