Stopping the regressive attack against America starting with Columbus

The following is a guest piece for a petition courtesy of Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

Save Hoboken’s Columbus Park Petition
Launched by Joshua Sotomayor Einstein
As the mass of mobs across the country calling for the removal, engaging in vandalizing, and toppling historical statues continue largely unopposed by political “leadership,”a petition to save Columbus Park and the statue of famed Italian explorer Christopher Columbus in Hoboken was launched today by Joshua Sotomayor Einstein.
Sotomayor Einstein, the NJ GOP State Committeeman representing Hudson County, said “this is not a Republican or Democrat issue, this is an American issue.” He continued, “the public efforts of unelected nihilistic totalitarians to tear down history fails to right any past wrongs, ignores that we celebrate historical figures despite their flaws not because of them, and erases our shared heritage.”
Columbus, who has been a source of public communal pride for Italian Americans for over a century, is not alone in being targeted for public erasure. In addition to the toppling a Columbus statue in Richmond, Virginia and the beheading of another Columbus statue in Boston, statues of founding father George Washingtonand Union General President Ulysses S. Grant, among others, have been torn down by violent mobs. Extremists have graffitied the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolutionin DC, vandalized the Philadelphia statue of famous abolitionist Matthias Baldwin, called for the removal of Abraham Lincoln statue in Boston(a replica of a statue commissioned by former slaves), and even publicly called to destroy images of Jesus.
Everyone in Hoboken who is against historical revisionism and destruction should take a stand to save and protect Columbus Park.

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