“Stop the Chop” gaining ground in Hoboken and region

Concerns about helicopter tourism is becoming a bigger issue on both sides of the Hudson River as more residents complain about the practice.

In NJ, the Assembly is raising awareness and putting a spotlight on the issue. Hoboken has seen a dramatic rise in helicopter flights especially near the river and over the northern end.

In addition, the security of the numerous helicopter rides over urban areas adds to failing security questions. Bombs can be easily affixed to a hijacked chopper with absolutely disastrous results.

The quality of life is what’s driving curbs on tourists chopper flights on both sides of the Hudson River.

Related: A website on the other side of the river has sprung up seeking to “Stop the Chop.”
Unlike Mayor Zimmer, her counterpart in NYC is not behind the effort.

In August 2009, a mid-air crash of a small plane and a tourist helicopter led to the death of nine over the Hudson River.

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