Stevens: the world turned upside down

In a blockbuster story, Melissa Hayes of the Jersey Journal is reporting that the President of the Stevens Institute will resign.  President Harold Raveche’s effective resignation date is July 1, but that’s only the beginning of the major overhaul clearly a result of State Attorney General Anne Milgram’s 16 count complaint.

There’s a lot of details to the story and we strongly suggest reading the whole piece.
Our major concern now is if this will impact Councilman Nino Giachhi’s free parking at Stevens.  (That’s the rumor mill going here in town.)  We hope not.  Because we wouldn’t want those St. Patrick’s Day kids messing up his car parked on the public streets March 6th.

Talking Ed Note: AG Anne Milgram doesn’t have a big resume for her time spent as AG but she’s going out with a bang.  Thank you Attorney General Milgram!

Photo courtesy: M. Kathleen Kelly, New Jersey Star Ledger

Update: Stevens posted a joint letter from Board Chairman Lawrence Babbio, Jr. and President Harold Raveche.   The only thing missing are smiley faces.  Whoever does public relations for Stevens deserves a medal and a pink slip.  This is utterly disgraceful to pretend this is some sort of normal transition.  That’s the moral climate coming out higher education these days.  Makes Wall St. look like pikers.  If you want to have a successful career in white collar crime, education is the place to be.  On Wall St. you can land up in jail.

Subject: Letter From Chairman Babbio and President Raveche
January 15, 2010
To: The Stevens Community
From:  Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. and Harold J. Raveche
In 2010, the Institute begins its 140th anniversary. It is well positioned
to achieve ever-higher levels of greatness among the nation’s and world’s
research universities. Undergraduate and graduate enrollments are at record
heights, as is sponsored research. The Institute’s faculty is a dynamic
group of scholars whose teaching and research have great impact on our
students and on the diverse domains of expertise of each scholar.  Stevens
has established two national centers of research excellence, each of which
will contribute greatly to the continued ascent of the Institute through the
impact of their educational and research programs, technologies that they
will develop, the uses these advances will find for society, business and
government and the growing collaborations with other universities and
research organizations. Clusters of faculty research and thrust areas
provide additional platforms for critical mass and impact.
The Institute has an exceptionally talented and dynamic undergraduate
student body whose individual and collective achievements in the classroom,
laboratory, extracurricular activities and service are enabling these
outstanding men and women to pursue rewarding career opportunities and gain
admission to leading graduate and professional schools. The 2008 Jostens
Award for excellence in academics and athletics was outstanding recognition
of our programs.
The excellence, relevancy and quality of implementation of the on- and
off-campus graduate programs are positioning the Institute to be the
technological university of choice for advanced education with business,
industry and government across the nation and around the world. 
The 140-year legacy of innovation, inspired by the founding Stevens family –
known as “America’s First Family of Inventors” – is enhanced through the
innovative educational, research and entrepreneurial programs of
Technogenesis.  Through these initiatives, the Institute was recognized by
national media for innovation in harvesting the benefits of research.
The Trustees, academic and administrative leadership, faculty and students
have much to be proud of. Organizations with such strong momentum need time
and freedom for succession planning. This is a comprehensive process
involving broad discussion, input, deliberation, review and consideration of
many different paths in order to identify the optimal way forward.  
The Board of Trustees and the President have as their highest priority a
smooth transition of leadership to ensure the continued enhancement of the
Institute as one of the preeminent technological research universities.
To provide the Stevens community with the freedom and open environment to
embark on this most important process, the president has decided that, after
22 years of service as the sixth president, he will not continue beyond June
30, 2010.
Lawrence Babbio, Chairman of the Board of Trustees wishes to express that:
“On behalf of the Board and the entire Stevens family we would like to thank
Dr. Raveche for his tireless efforts in support of the advancement of the
Institute. Under his leadership, all enrollments and sponsored research have
reached record levels, transformational improvements to campus life and
facilities have been achieved, international programs of impact are in
place, and Technogenesis has attracted national and global recognition. We
look forward to working with Dr. Raveche as he completes his outstanding
service, and then serves as a consultant, to prepare the Institute for the
Dr. Raveche expresses to all that: “I am privileged to have served the
Institute for 22 years as the Sixth President. The Board and I look forward
to working with the greater Stevens community of faculty, staff, student,
alumni and external partners to ensure a smooth transition.”
Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr.             Harold J. Raveche

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