Stevens student responds to yesterday’s Beth Mason astroturf story

The following letter was submitted in response to the incident posted on MSV yesterday by a Stevens student and Beta Theta Pi member.

As you can see by my signature, I am a graduating senior and well respected member of the Stevens community and the Sigma Chapter of Beta Theta Pi.  I would like to formally apologize for one of my brother’s actions.  He did not realize what he was doing and we as a fraternity did not realize what was going on.  I would like to propose that you kindly remove our fraternity from the article, but please leave the article in general up, so students at Stevens do not make this mistake again.  As a student who was attending Stevens during the Peter Cammarano incident, it was disgraceful to my university and myself as I did not like the feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing that our cherished university was being linked with a criminal.  This time, the incident hits home as our cherished fraternity, that has been in Hoboken since 1879, and even lives at the original mayor’s home, has now been linked with a criminal like act of Beth Mason. 

I can assure you that this will never happen again and that the Sigma chapter always has Hoboken in it’s hearts and minds when it comes to giving back to the community.  We are partnered up with a local church and routinely work in their lunchtime ministry cooking and feeding the homeless in addition to helping preserve the historic church located near campus.  We also recently won an award for being the most recognizable Greek House during the Hoboken Park cleanup two Sunday’s ago and were recognized by our Inter-fraternal Council with the award for organizing, running, and having the best participation percentage at the event.  In addition to that, we also have an upcoming philanthropy event where we are raising money for The Hoboken Boys and Girls Club, and as of yesterday, we have already raised nearly $500, before the event will even take place.

I hope you can please consider removing our fraternal name due to our realization of our mistake and in good faith of the pride that our chapter takes in itself, and our beloved community that surrounds it.  If you have any further questions/comment I would love to hear them and I am open to suggestions you may have for future Philanthropic events to help the city of Hoboken, as we at Beta Theta Pi are always looking to give back to our community in our striving for excellence.

(name withdrawn)

Stevens student (confirmed)
Financial Engineering
Mathematics, Economics Minor
Stevens Varsity Wrestling
Stevens Institute of Technology 2011

Talking Ed Note:  MSV spoke to and confirmed this submission and at the author’s request has withdrawn his name.  Da Horsey will be posting on their charity event sponsored next Wednesday at Ben & Jerry’s from 4:00 – 8:00.

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