Stevens’ Beta Theta Pi and Ben & Jerry’s to host Wednesday fundraiser for Boys & Girls Club

Our neighbors from Beta Theta Pi in conjunction with Ben & Jerry’s announce:

“Do you love Ben & Jerry’s? Do you enjoy doing something for the greater good of mankind? Then on Wednesday April 20th from 4-8 pm you should head over to 4th and Washington with The Sigma Chapter of Beta Theta Pi as they are hosting their 1st annual Vermonster eating competition. What’s a Vermonster you ask? It is 20 scoops of Ben & Jerry’s very own ice cream and topped with as many toppings as you can imagine. Team up with 4 of your best friends (5 total people per team) and compete for the title of Conquering the Vermonster in the fastest of all Hoboken. 

Winners will have their pictures posted in Ben & Jerry’s store, their website, and Facebook page and a Ben &Jerry’s t-shirt to commemorate the event. Now for the best part, it’s only $10 to participate per group member ($50 per team) and all profits go to Hoboken’s very own Boys and Girls club, so not only are you eating as much ice cream as possible, you are also raising money for the young children of Hoboken.”

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