Staying to finish the job in New Jersey

Governor Chris Christie as expected announced outside his office he would not be jumping in for the Republican nomination earlier today.

Saying he has work left to do, he did not rule out future consideration for any job including President.

Talking Ed Note: One Old Guard stalwart at City Hall remarked to Da Horsey a month ago, he wished Chris Christie would run for President and “get out of here.”

At that time, our reply was we wanted him to stay and finish the job.  However, there appears to be a lack of political courage to tackle the big issues at the national level.  President Obama declined to act on the recommendations of a committee to reduce the national debt.  His jobs program scoffed at by most analysts has been tabled by his own Democratic allies in Congress.

Well let’s move on to the next exciting local event.  No, not the hospital, we just want to see that reach the finish line.
But yes, it’s coming.  It’s coming to the Old Guard near you.  Hi Bet!

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