Statewide story: Carmelo Garcia is out; Mayor Zimmer & Senator Stack may decide replacement

A story speculating on a replacement of the controversial Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia exploded into the statewide political zeitgeist asking if Mayor Dawn Zimmer will have a role working with State Senator Brian Stack in identifying his replacement.

The feature story sure to add fuel to the speculation Garcia is on the outs comes after a MSV story the end of last month covering the same subject.

The precipitating event as has been often discussed here is the unseemly tape recording and attempted set up of former State Senator Majority Leader and the mayor’s husband from the Mile Square:

Sources say Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia, a native of Hoboken who joined the legislature in 2013, is in hot water with that leadership and could be bumped from the party’s main ticket next year. The controversy, insiders say, stems from an almost reputation-devastating incident that took place last year, when Garcia was caught having  secretly audio recorded a lunch meeting he had with the husband of Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, as well as former state Sen. and veteran pol Bernard Kenny. 

The story continues to outline how Garcia’s little tape recorder revealed in another case by his “ethnic cleansing” attorney Louie Zayas mistakenly exposed “The Wire,” as he’s called in Trenton’s legislative hallways:

But the move is said to have roiled state Sen. Brian Stack, Union City mayor and indisputable Hudson County political boss, who brought Garcia into the fold last year on a ticket….

Discussion follows saying Garcia is not “100%” but no one on or off the record is saying he has a prayer of maintaining political support to keep the seat. There’s no hint however of the raging fire going on inside the crippled Hoboken Housing Authority, the agency which terminated Mister Carmelo last August. Federal investigations are continuing at the agency as it attempts to pick up the pieces of the destruction left in his wake.

“It’s not 100 percent he gets thrown off the line — though if I were a betting man I’d bet that he doesn’t come back,” one source in the story ominiously says.

The story asks how a potential replacement will be identified raising the idea State Senator Brian Stack and Mayor Zimmer may band together to endorse a choice but notes a cultural divide between the Hoboken Reform movement and HudCo:

 The problem is that Zimmer’s Latino ally pool is shallow, and her closest associates mostly hail from Hoboken’s “reformers” party, a faction of up and coming pols who often find themselves operating on a different wavelength than — and thus at odds with — the grizzled veterans of the HDCO.

The PolitickerNJ feature asks if an Assembly replacement will come from Hoboken or land up as a choice from Union City or Weehawken.

It’s a fascinating insight into the burgeoning questions burning around who will replace Carmelo “Dead Man Walking” Garcia.  The pr campaign all but announced the previous week at the Hudson Reporter touting Beth Mason’s intentions of obtaining the Assembly seat is not mentioned at all.

As one statewide source said in a recent Grafix Avenger story during the Atlantic City League of Municipality festivities, “She is a walking joke down here.”

The Hudson Reporter and the Beth Mason political operatives who coordinate promotion for her there appear to have their work cut out for them.

Someone hand the litigious Beth Mason a hanky and another lawyer.

Read the whole PolitickerNJ article:

“Speak into the mic.” Carmelo Garcia is the center of statewide speculation but it’s not positive about his future.
A PolitickerNJ story asks who will be his replacement and if Mayor Dawn Zimmer will work
with State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack in doing so.

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