State to Mayor: You Win!

Mile Square Exclusive

In an extensive interview with Mayor Zimmer Thursday, MSV learned the State will release the final Police Audit.

No exact timing was given, but a senior official, Lori Grifa, Acting Commissioner of the Department of Community Affaris only in her third day, contacted the mayor yesterday afternoon and stated the report is a high priority.  This ends the ongoing inquiry about a half-hour before the MSV City Hall interview took place yesterday.

 Complete details of the in depth interview with the mayor to follow.

Photo: Acting DCA Commisioner Lori Grifa, the person who is ending the long awaited delivery of the Hoboken Police Audit to the town. A profile of her is available at the DCA website here.

Talking Ed Note: There’s a wind blowing through the State of New Jersey and it’s heading north by northeast today.  Is it too soon to thank this new Acting Commissioner?  MSV doesn’t think so.  We’re emailing the Chief of Staff to extend thanks to Lori Grifa for making Hoboken a priority:

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