State to Beth Russo on budget sabotage: forgettaboutit!

The city’s auditor in a letter to the City Council has extended a list of problems communicated from the State on the Hoboken budget needing adjusting.  The letter outlines the problems and states any budget amendment will need to be completed in July nixing the depletion of the city’s surplus by Council members Beth Mason and Mike Russo.

There’s no reason to hold a meeting on the 29th hours before Councilman Nino Giacchi’s term expires.  No reason now at all.

Talking Ed Note: Doesn’t seem possible for Beth Mason to force feed the poison into the system by Friday ending her hopes to leave the city coffers empty of any surplus to handle any challenges.

When a budget amendment comes up next month, it will likely retain close to the professionally recommended municipal surplus near five percent.  This means the likelihood of a long sought contract between the City and the fire unions can be brought to closure.  With much of the roadblocks now out of the way, one hopes good will and common sense prevails and our firefighters will get a contract and then be promptly paid the back pay over years due them.

Here’s the city auditor’s letter followed by other supporting documentation:

City Auditor on 2011 Budget Fixes

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