State of NJ : Hospital stays open 7 years in a sale, no deed restriction required Beth’

Objective information available from the State to the public on its State Health Planning Board website details there is no need for any contractual seven year obligation to keep the hospital open for that duration.

It already exists.

Councilwoman Beth Mason likely aware of this State requirement is consistently misleading the public there is nothing in the agreement between Holdco and the City stating a seven year agreement the hospital will be kept open.  Well that’s technically correct.  It’s not there because it doesn’t need to be.  The State is the governing authority.

A reader closely following the developments like many others correctly notes:

The entire recommendation of the Department of Health & Senior Services to the State Health Planning Board is available on the SHPB’s website through the link for their August 4th meeting.
There are 20 requirements in the recommendation and number four states:
HUMC Hold, LLC shall operate HUMC as a general hospital, in compliance with all regulatory requirements for at least seven years.  This condition shall be imposed as a contractual condition of any subsequent sale or transfer, subject to appropriate regulatory or legal review, by HUMC Holdco, LLC within the seven year period.
The State imposed a similar requirement on the sale of Meadowlands Hospital last year.

Talking Ed Note: Earlier the Hudson Reporter noted this calling the seven year timeline keeping the hospital open a contractual obligation without referencing the actual State input.

Recent stories by however have not noted the State’s role keeping the hospital open seven years in a sale to Holdco.

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