State issues $4.1 million in funds to Hoboken University Medical Center

City of Hoboken announces:

Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority are pleased to announce receipt of $4.1 million in hospital stabilization funds for Fiscal Year 2011.
“We advocated strongly for this funding in order to enable Hoboken University Medical Center to continue to provide access to quality healthcare as we pursue the transfer of the hospital to private ownership,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “The Hospital Authority and I thank Governor Christie and Health Commissioner Alaigh for this critical funding.”
“As authority chairwoman, I’ve worked very closely with Mayor Zimmer and I thank her, Governor Christie, and Commissioner Alaigh,” said Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority Chairperson Toni Tomarazzo.
“This support will help to ensure the continued operations of the hospital and our ability to serve residents of Hoboken and surrounding communities,” said Hoboken University Medical Center CEO Spiros Hatiras.
The Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority is negotiating to transfer the hospital to new ownership with the objectives of maintaining the facility as a full-service acute-care hospital, relieving the City’s taxpayers of the $52 million bond guarantee obligations made to save the hospital in 2007, and preserving the jobs of Hospital employees.

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