St. Pat’s Invasion underway

Hoboken will take on its own version of a limited Mardi Gras today and the adventure is now officially underway.  For residents, depending on what part of town you live, it’s more than an adventure; it’s an assault on your senses sometimes with financial damages.

Last year’s event went off better than the previous year but Hoboken is down on law enforcement manpower so the test rises again.  Be on the lookout for the invasion of hordes of young men proudly carting their case packs of Bud Light or propping up the numerous casualties of muffin tops sure to be piling up through the course of the day.

Be careful out there and when in doubt, take a photo and send it to

An early casualty of St. Patrick’s Day last year collapses outside a bar.  Expect more of the same today.

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