St. Patrick’s Day – Bars open two hours earlier to 9:00 am

Yesterday Mark Mauer at the Jersey Journal noted a change for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  The Hoboken bars will be opening two hours earlier to 9:00 am.

We’ve noted our concerns about the parade being held on a Saturday again and the lack of seriousness leading into the the 2010 version back in January – “Horse Sense: St. Patrick’s Coming Titanic Disaster.”

There’s been some changes after that story was posted and they are not altogether lacking in improvement.  Public Director Angel Alicea spoke to MSV in City Council Chambers about doubling the force with aid from nearby localities and of course the “zero tolerance” policy has been trumpeted over and over with $2,000 fines now the maximum penalty.

The real totals of significance after the parade are not fines but the amount of arrests and hospitalizations.

MSV is looking into the details on the process leading into this decision.  Most residents have probably no idea of the change.

Photo courtesy Jerry Lore

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