Special interests comes “door” knocking in Hoboken

The barbarians are at the gates is a rallying cry highlighted in critical moments as this.

Could you say the same about llicit money working to deliver big development to Hoboken?

Hoboken’s future will be largely defined for the next two years but far likely longer with the final vote count Tuesday night.

Notice, vote count differs from voters actually voting as Vote-by-Mail “activities” are in question (and under investigation), robocalls are being made to unsuspecting Mile Square Citizens, and special interests are pouring in money and resources in an furious effort to retake the reins of government power and development approvals.

It’s largely being driven by the desire to turn Hoboken into different vision and skyline: Manhattan.

Money laundering is the tool bankrolling numerous political operations in Hoboken in an attempt to turn the City Council election. Carmelo Garcia is the big recipients of untold funds spent in a series of vicious mailers intended to take out Councilwoman Jen Giattino in the sixth ward. The contempt for Hoboken’s ordinance is unmistakable. It limits PACs to $500 but been broken repeatedly by political operatives with one illicit PAC identified: Real Democrats for Hoboken. 

With one day before the polls open, Mason family checks are spewing filth at a fervid pace laundering untold political operations through some well known and unknown political operatives breaking Hoboken’s anti-wheeling law left and right.

Carmelo Garcia is a law breaking heir as he again shows his contempt for authority and NJ law having not filed with NJ ELEC a single nickel on the origins of his vast expenditures. Contempt for the law is Mister Carmelo’s signature action. Rinse, repeat.

Last week, Carmelo Garcia was the intended recipient of a series of four Beth Mason spewed fabrications directed at Councilwoman Jen Giattino. The PAC, Real Democrats for Hoboken is “led” by Chairman John Keim and his wife and Treaurer Ines Garcia Keim who are certainly not the benefactors underwriting the vicious lies. Swish-swish.

The Old Guard promises to make this election the cleanest in Hoboken history. The laundry is working overtime to deliver the results. Thanks Mikie!

MSV actually predicted the fourth nasty mailer accusing Jen Giattino of going to the Super Bowl on the taxpayers dime exactly one day before it hit Hoboken mailboxes. (We’re not going to tell you how the Horsey nailed the truth again.)

The money launders are 100% in agreement. Bring back the Hoboken Sopranos for more of that old time back door cynical law-breaking so many rationalize and overlook. It’s not hiding in this election cycle; it’s hiding in plain sight.

Toss in some of the usual Masonic Hate411 fare from the sleaziest “friends of Beth Mason” and the Mile Square City is guaranteed to be a toxic stew right up until the polls close.

Another PAC, Democrats for Democrats, believed to be the Communications Workers of America are diving into the Hoboken Council races. They’ve officially endorsed Ruben Ramos and are also the power behind those mysterious text messages unsuspecting Hoboken voters are receiving on behalf of Eduardo Gonzalez. Why does the CWA care about a Hoboken council race?

There’s more money exceeding Hoboken’s rules on outside activity arriving without a doubt.

All these efforts are telling in the obvious endgame: big development. Hoboken voters will have an opportunity to choose if it’s the people who decide the look and feel of Hoboken or the people who will sell it out at far less than a premium as witnessed in the long, ugly saga of Vision 20/20.

Every council candidate seen in the picture below backed that massive undocumented plan to more than double the size of the Hoboken Housing Authority downtown with nothing more than a color brochure. It was one of the ugliest chapters in the Mile Square City in recent years. 

Hoboken’s City Council election is distinctive between slates vying for votes with big development the endgame. If you want big development, here’s your ticket: Eduardo Gonzalez, Carmelo Garcia, Terry Castellano, Michael Russo, Ruben Ramos and Peter “Monarch Man” Biancamano (below).
They’ll work hard to deliver it whether you like it or not.

Can Monarch Man renounce his Applied / Ironstate Development super powers?
Some reports said he actually did in one room of voters at Maxwell Place.
As if.

Talking Ed Note: There’s over 1500 Vote-by-Mail ballots in the Hoboken universe. Over 400 are concentrated in the fourth ward, an area where the Hoboken Housing Authority is typically exploited.

On Saturday, Grafix Avenger offered an inside view on the rising anger among a group from the Russo faction Carmelo Ticket including Michael Russo, Kim Glatt and Beth Mason’s pet Matt Calicchio. They were reportedly screaming at Hudson County Board of Election officials.

MSV confirms the scene of election investigators at 400 First Street and alarm for the Ruben Ramos camp. A request for comment from his campaign has tellingly been met with silence.

Of real concern outside of that senior building is an uptown counterpart in the fifth ward: Fox Hills.
MSV identified almost 100 Vote-by-mail farmed at that location on behalf of Eduardo Gonzalez.

The Russo faction Carmelo Ticket is concerned those votes may see investigation from the Hudson Board of Election investigators putting its hopes to overturn Councilman Peter Cunningham in jeopardy.

And so it goes…

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