Spare a bike and a little pigskin

Each and every Sunday, that media conglomerate known as the NFL takes a certain control in folks across the nation. Back in college, it became clear the NFL was going to be a real problem with the school workload. Down went the little TV into the basement. There was no way to fit the two in at the same time. Hey the semester did end in time for the playoffs and more NY Jets heartbreak.

Now here we are into the season and the NFL insists you must devote a large part of your Sunday to a bunch of 300 plus pound guys you’d never even talk to on the street if you saw most any of them. Shoot most fans couldn’t even name their offensive and defensive lines.

If you feel the ritual of joining in this media mandated ritual has reached critical mass in your life, how about feeding the soul a bit instead of another Bud Light. What’s the Rx you ask?

If you have a bike collecting dust and no longer use it or have a family member doing so, it can be put to good use. Saturday, October 17th the second in a series of a health and nutrition fairs will be taking place on the Mama Johnson field from 1:00 – 4:00 pm at Jackson and 4th Street. A number of health activities are involved such as flu shots, health screenings along with sports activities.

Sponsored through the United Synagogue of Hoboken and the Hoboken Housing Authority, the group effort gave away 10 bikes last month and are looking for some donations to at least to offer a few this time around.  They need some help.

If you would like to donate or help in the effort please contact Jake Stuiver at They’d be happy with your bike donation or efforts to help.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled football programming. Enjoy.

Hoboken Now is also covering this event.

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