Southwest Redevelopment meeting tonight at Multi-Service Center

the desk of Councilman David Mello:

Friends and Neighbors,
evening, February 23rd, is the second Planning Board hearing on the Southwest
Redevelopment Study
.  Please attend this vital meeting about
the Southwest’s future.  The hearing will be held at the 
Multi-Service Center, on the
corner of Grand St. and 2nd St. at 
7:00 PM,
Thursday evening, Feb. 23rd.
is a very important meeting
, where you can hear an
overview of the study report that was recently submitted by the planners whom
our Planning Board hired.  These hearings may also prove to be a
precursor to a number of major changes to our Southwest neighborhood, which
could affect the entire City.  It’s important that your thoughts
on this study be shared with as many decision makers as possible.
can access the study by following this link ==> Southwest
Redevelopment Study Report
.  Please look it over.
please attend tomorrow night. 
first hearing was cancelled because too many people attended for the original
meeting place, however this venue will be more than large enough.
If you
have any questions regarding the study or this hearing, please don’t hesitate
to reach out to me at the contacts below.

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